Senovo IT’s Health and Safety Policy (hereinafter ‘Policy’) outlines the duties and obligations of all Senovo IT employees and/or consultants (hereinafter ‘Staff’). For the avoidance of doubt, the health and safety policy shall be updated from time to time by Senovo IT and shall remain at the sole discretion of the board of directors. Any changes shall be communicated to the team via email.

1. About this Policy

1.1  This policy sets out arrangements for ensuring Senovo IT meet our health and safety obligations to

Staff and anyone visiting our premises or affected by our work.

1.2 Talia Haleem ( has overall responsibility for health and safety and the operation of this policy.

2. Your Responsibilities

2.1 All Staff shall share responsibility for achieving safe working conditions. Staff must take care of their own health and safety and that of others, observe applicable safety rules and follow instructions for the safe use of equipment.

2.2 Staff shall also be responsible to adhere to the health and safety guidelines put in place by the relevant office space:

2.2.1 London Office- Lenta

2.2.2 Polish Office: WeWork Space

2.2.3 Spanish Office: WeWork Space

2.3 All Staff should report any health and safety concerns immediately to Talia Haleem (talia@senovo-

2.4 All Staff sha use their best endeavours to comply with the Policy

2.5 All Staff must co-operate with managers on health and safety matters, including the investigation

of any incident.

2.6 Failure to comply with this policy may be treated as misconduct and dealt with under our

disciplinary Procedure.

3.  Company Responsibilities

3.1 Ensure a safe work environment by consulting with the relevant company offices and its representatives and ensuring clear communication is given to Staff in line with health and safety requirements put forth by the relevant local authorities.

3.2 All equipment are up to date and in compliance with health and safety requirements put forth by local authorities

3.3  Senovo shall provide periodic training and safety drills

3.4 Listen to Staff complaints and advise on the Policy and cooperate with them to ensure all concerns have been addressed.

4.  Fire Safety

4.1 Staff should familiarise themselves with the fire safety instructions (attached) and the nearest fire exits in the workplace.

4.2 If you hear a fire alarm, leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit and go to the fire assembly point, please ensure you follow the instructions of the designated Fire Marshall for each office:

4.2.1 London Office- Michal Nanus

4.2.2 Polish Office- Alicja Wrobel

4.2.3 Spanish Office- Carolina Rojo

4.3 Senovo and the relevant office space shall carry out regular fire risk assessments and regular checks of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, escape routes and emergency lighting.

5.  Accidents and First-Aid

5.1 Each office is equipped with a first aid kit, which is accessible to all Staff.

5.2 Please ensure that all accidents and injuries incurred at work, however minor are reported to Talia Haleem (