Most recruitment processes are designed to choose the best candidates for the available job openings. With the current economic recovery, many companies are hiring again and millions of job seekers are competing to secure their dream jobs. However, recruitment processes are not without issues and there are some pet peeves among today’s tech job seekers.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at the top five pet peeves about tech job seeking right now:

No Follow Ups- it’s very frustrating for any job seeker if, after getting through the application process and interview sessions, recruiters never contact them again. If they fail to get through, job seekers must be notified and if possible, they should know the reasons why. This may seem like extra work for the human resources department, but it is important for the company’s reputation.

Lengthy And Complicated Recruitment Process- job seekers know that there’s no guarantee that they will get the job and can be a big turn-off if the recruitment process is lengthy. Steps that applicants must take should be perfectly clear. Make sure that they don’t have to wait too long to know the results. It is unfair for job seekers, if they need to commit so much time and effort without guaranteed results.

Details Are Withheld- if job descriptions are short and vague, it could be a sign that the company is hiding something. Unless the company is offering a “confidential” job position, recruiters should provide as many details as possible. If job seekers know what they are aiming for, the company will receive more applications from qualified candidates.

Misleading Promises- many job seekers were disappointed that after they got the job, it didn’t turn out like they had expected. Recruiters may entice qualified workers by promising them attractive benefits or a comfortable work environment. If recruiters are not being upfront, the company will be plagued by poor morale and low productivity. This may also result in a high turn-over rate.

Irrelevant Interview Questions- recruiters may ask candidates questions that don’t have relevance to the job. They may argue that irrelevant questions are still useful for getting a better measure of candidates. However, this can be a bewildering experience for job seekers and they may re-consider the decision to work with your company. Recruiters must show that the company has integrity and good ethics.

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