The pandemic and extended lockdown restrictions have thrown many workers into turmoil as they are challenged with working from home, or not working at all since their workplaces are shutdown temporarily, long-term, or permanently. It has left many workers feeling as though they no longer have job security and, in an instant, their lives could be turned upside down.

   While some workers see this as just another drawback of today’s modern workforce, others are taking advantage of the post pandemic world, and reinventing their careers. Whether they are switching careers or increasing their skills to take their current careers to the next level, experts are saying that now is the best time to reinvent themselves, and their careers.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to reinvent your career in the time of coronavirus:

Increase your skillset- whether you are starting a new career or taking your career to the next level up the corporate ladder, increasing your skillset is the best way to get ahead. There are many online courses which are inexpensive and take very little time to complete which can help you become more marketable in today’s post pandemic world.

Optimise Your Profile- for social media users, your profile is equal to your brand. So, it is necessary to optimise it across the platforms you use and update it with any new skills you have gained or your project portfolio.

Find A Productive Activity- it’s important to take time for yourself during the pandemic as this will improve your physical and mental health which will lead to you becoming more productive in your professional life. Find something that you can build or fix at home each week. Join groups or clubs that allow you learn new things. You will start to gain confidence to take on something more complicated. The sense of accomplishment will boost your confidence and increase your organisational abilities. When joining clubs and groups, you will also spend more time with people with similar interests, which will improve your social life as well as your mental health. Two very important elements during the pandemic. 

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