You cannot achieve the goal of your company/business as a “Lone Ranger,” because there is no one person Army. The contributions from different employees will bring about the actualization of this goals. It is advisable to be on the lookout for staffing system that will bring people of the same purpose together, in this view company culture and recruit comes in. The company culture helps to HR/recruiter to put the appropriate content in the right vessel. 

Company culture and recruiting vary from place to place, what is cultured in company A might not be cultured in company B. What grows a business organization fast, is the quality of the hired employees. Every company has its culture, so how do one channel this culture to profit-making? It is merely hiring someone who will fit-in to the way the company thinks, perceive, act and feel. 

Every employee deserves monetary remuneration after a work done, but money should not just be the only motivating factor. The question then goes thus, how can you motivate your employees aside money? The medium to achieve this are numerous, but I will quickly take you through 3 ways shown below 

Create A Mutual Relationship with them 
You are the C.E.O, your employees know, and they aren’t competing to take that away from you. Be the boss but relate with them like a partner, build a relationship network that will make employee see you as a friend. 

Don’t Just Pay them to Work, Inspire Them to Work. 
Motivate your employees with appreciative words, give them assurances and let them have the floor at some point. The world of business is competitive if only money is what you give them to boost work task, employees might solely be on waiting until extra pay is introduced they won't pick up new roles and responsibilities to grow the company. 

You know incentives are not necessarily meant expensive, so after a job well done, you can offer them incentives like a customized shirt and mug, work day off, or lunch with the C.E.O 

Share Your Company Goals with them 
Communicate the company’s mission statement and goals with your employees especially new workers. Let them see the reasons why both the company and employees have to work together and achieve stated goals. 

Division of Labour leads to specialization. To increase productivity, and maximize employee’s potentials, there is a need for one employee to remain on one work path. Work overload reduces employees performances. 

Work environment comprises different ethnical backgrounds. For a company to excel, there must be a development of good rapport with the company’s top management, middle-level management, and the first line management. Employees must communicate with one another well for good ambiance at the workplace.

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