In today’s world, it is especially important that each and every one of us do what we can to help those who are less fortunate or who have been put in a bad situation which they are struggling to get out of. And, regardless of where you live, what you do for a living, or how much money you make, we all personally know someone who needs help. Before the pandemic, it might have been a different story, but today, there are people right in our own neighbourhoods who need a helping hand.

Giving Back And Feeding The Hungry

     Here at Senovo IT Ltd, we believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much. From the barista who makes our coffee in the morning, to the person who sits across from us on the train and is always there with a smile and a friendly greeting, everyone has their own story to tell. Some might be feeling stressed or anxious, others could be hungry and too afraid to tell anyone about it.                                

The FareShare Mission

      Hunger is an especially important pain point for us because we believe that no one should ever go hungry. From the youngest child, to oldest adult, everyone should have a hot meal. This is why we have partnered together with FareShare, one of the UK largest charities, dedicated to fighting hunger and food waste. FareShare diverts surplus food to hungry, at-risk people via an extensive network of frontline charities and community groups throughout the UK.

Monthly Donations To Feed The Hungry

     Every month, we contribute to FareShare through a monthly donation. This enables them to feed hungry children and adults who would otherwise struggle to get healthy, nutritious food. By making a monthly donation rather than a one-time donation which has become so popular these days, we are able to help more people and show our commitment to making a difference in reducing food waste and giving people the resources they need to achieve more.

     It is estimated that ‘over 2 million tonnes of food go to waste by the food industry every year’.  This is food that is perfectly good to eat, but there just isn’t an efficient way to get it to the more than 8.4 million people who need it. FareShare makes it possible for people to have access to the healthy, nutritious food they need. In fact, the FareShare team provides food to 11,000 charities and community groups including school breakfast clubs, community centres, homeless shelters, and food banks.

How Can You Help?

     If you would like to join us in the fight against hunger right here at home, you can contact FareShare to make a donation today. Every donation can make a difference:

£5 - helps deliver enough food for 20 meals.

£10 - helps deliver enough food for 40 meals.

£25 - helps deliver enough food for 100 meals.

What We Do

     As one of the UK’s leading IT recruiting agencies, Senovo IT Ltd is committed to changing the way companies engage with talented IT professionals. We focus on improving every aspect of the recruitment process to make it seamless, efficient, and stress-free. We custom tailor our service to our clients’ needs to ensure they get high-level talent that suits their needs and exceeds their every expectation. When your company needs experienced IT talent, you can count on Senovo IT Ltd to handle the recruitment process from start to finish.

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