How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Tech Job 

You're ready to make a move.

Maybe you just graduated from college, or maybe you feel yourself languishing in some open-plan office at an uninspiring SaaS company. Either way, it's time for a change.

Luckily for you, it has never been easier to make a jump than today. Between all the tools recruiting agencies have at their disposal and what social media gives you, it makes for a potent ally in changing up your career path. 

Let's look at how social media can become your golden ticket into a whole new job.

1. Pick Your Platform

Most people would tell you to just use LinkedIn, and while that is actually solid advice, the other social media platforms can also offer you the ability to network with hiring decision-makers. The key is to pick a platform that makes sense for you. What social media are you already using? Are you big on Twitter? Big on LinkedIn? Love to post pictures on Instagram?

Use what you're already using, it'll make your ability to leverage the platform far easier if you already like the platform. When you've decided on the platform, make sure your profile is filled out properly and looks "lived in". Don't just post two pictures and call it good, otherwise, you'll come across as a spammy profile.

2. Make Your Dream 100

Open up a simple Google spreadsheet in Drive (or whatever spreadsheet program you like) and write down all the company names you'd like to apply at. Now, this could take you some time but this is the most important step after deciding what platform you will use. Research is key. 

Once you have the company names, now it is time to find the decision-makers. Who is the CEO? The founders? Managers of the department you want to work at? Write down all their names, find their social profiles and their emails. 

Now, go and add those profiles to your social media. If you chose a platform that isn't Linkedin, you may find these profiles less guarded and more open to connecting with you. Though, LinkedIn will allow you to display your professional value the best.

3. Add Value, Seek to Give without Return

The next part is the most nebulous part... which is adding value to the Dream 100 connections you found. What do they care about? Scope out their social media and see what they're talking about.

Did they recently share an article that you know a thing or two about? Comment on it with your thoughts, not just a canned response but actual sincere thoughts. Are they into a sports team you also happen to be into? If so, genuinely share in that adoration. 

Find bridges to connect with them - be playful. Don't be boring but most of all never straight up ask them for something. You need to add to their life without taking. It is only when you started developing a real relationship with them that you ask for something in return.

And how should you frame that ask?

The easiest way is to frame it where they can be your mentor and ally.

Instead of asking "Can you hire me?" you can ask them "Hey, I'm looking to make a move and really respect what you've done at XYZ company. Would you at all be open to checking over my resume and seeing if you know any companies that I might be a good fit for? No pressure either way obviously."

This puts that Dream 100 connection into a position where they get to help you, but also feel like you're not asking the world of them either. 

If you keep adding value to them on social media, it will feel like a little ask to them. When you do it right, that little ask can lead to a big change for you.