Whether you’re in search of an upgrade from your current position or want to go for something completely new, the first quarter of a new year is the best time to apply for new jobs.

But before you begin, having a list of job-oriented new year resolutions can motivate you. Let’s take a look at some


1.   Spring Cleaning Social Media

Most of us post stuff on social media without putting too much thought into what we are sharing for others to see.


But, when applying for a job it is important to deep clean your social media. Some job recruiters go the extra mile and sometimes search your social media. A small mistake from your side could cost you a job opportunity.


2.   Revise Your Resume

When was the last time you reviewed your resume? If it has been a while, then it might be time for you to update your resume.


Put some time aside to review and go through your resume again. There might be some new skills or update information that you might want to add.


Another tip to score that dream job is to customise your resume according to the position that you are applying for. Put in relevant skills that fit the job description.


3.   Level-Up Your Skills

Take a moment to see what recruiters are looking for. Go through the job description and see if your skills match what the company wants.


Having a variety of skills can make you more likely to be hired since companies prefer employees who can do it all.


Consider taking up short online courses that can provide you with certifications.


4.   Aim For Specific Companies

Everyone focuses on getting the job they love. But what’s more important is aiming for companies you think will be the perfect cultural fit for you.


Do your research and make a list of companies you’d want to work for. Keep up-to-date with their social media handles for any job opportunities that might come up.


Don’t hesitate to apply for job positions at your dream company, because you might just earn that position.


5.   Prioritise Yourself

A big part of giving your best performance is prioritising your mental and physical health above anything else.


Continuously facing rejections while applying for jobs can take a toll on your motivation. Make a new year resolution to take a break from job seeking from time to time.


Participate in activities that lift your spirits. Spend time with family, rediscover a new hobby.


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