New Technology to Expect in 2019

Over the past few years, we've seen more and more diverse and improved technology being released every year. It seems that new technology is increasingly coming at a faster pace than it did in years prior. Because of that, there's been a glut of new technology released over the past few months and even more set to be released in 2019. With that in mind, there are a few exciting pieces of technology to get excited for in 2019.

Smaller & More Effective Phones

This may be a significant trend in 2019, depending on the success of the recently unveiled Palm Palm by Verizon. While this has been billed as a small, secondary phone for customers it does an awful lot; according to reports, it's advertised as the phone people would want to get away from the distractions caused by their primary phone. However, if this is successful, it may lead to smaller and more efficient phones being unveiled within a few months. That being said, this trend is heavily dependent on whether or not the Palm Palm succeeds in what Verizon is trying to do.


People have been talking about 5G ever since 4G was released and much of this has led to extensive rumors about when it would be released; obviously, all of these have proven to be false. Having said that, though, it looks like 5G will be released in 2019. Not only will this drastically improve internet speeds, but it may also affect some other technologies such as self-driving cars and a few other extremely advanced IoT devices. However, while it's pretty sure to be coming in 2019, there's no official release date for 5G; that being said, after extensive rumors it looks like this year will finally be the year of 5G, and then people will start talking about 6G.

A New Internet

This may seem impossible, but a new internet may be on its way due in large part of Tim Berners-Lee, also known as the father of the world wide web. The internet inventor currently has a startup called Inrupt that's looking to create a more decentralized version of the internet. This will give users more and more control over their data. While an exact release date hasn't been confirmed, it's incredibly likely that there'll be a newer version of the internet available at some point this year, even if it's still in its early stages.