Job Training and Recruiting: What Is Next?


Twenty years ago we began a new journey regarding innovation and technology. Things have changed a lot since then. IT tools allow recruitment firms to use technology to get the job done, including the hiring process. There are three trends you need to keep your eye on this year and in the years to come. 

Talent Wars Is Not Just A TV Show Anymore


There is something new on the horizon in terms of the hiring process. Traditional ways of scouting talent are going by the wayside. Companies rely on an internal focus now. Did you know that menial jobs are now being replaced through technology? 

"Penny, in the future, your job will be replaced by a robot who can do it better." 
Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory 

Companies want to keep the hiring process at a minimum. That way they can train the right people, instead of placing ads for someone who is not going to stay on the job long enough. 

Algorithms Are Now the Star Of the Show


It is no secret that companies rely on algorithms. The latest technology allows companies to place more emphasis on algorithms, instead of traditional methods. Algorithms like Siri can now take in data. They can tell companies what works and does not. We will also gain insight into the potential dangers algorithms face. 

They can tell us who to hire and who to fire. They will provide information that has been unavailable until now. Head hunters can now temper their process. They can gain insight into who is beneficial for a company and who is not. That way the company is not spending unnecessary money on someone who is not going to last long. 

Privacy Rights


In the past, some companies have gathered information on job candidates that should be kept private. In other words, a lot of candidates voiced opinions on privacy rights and what information companies have the right to see versus what they do not have the right to see. 

IT training keeps a person's right front and center. That way the company only sees information that is important to the job. The GDPR is working closely with IT recruiters to make sure that certain information remains private before, during, and after the hiring process.