Three Best IT Jobs to Consider in 2019

IT (or Information Technology) is one of those career paths that are ever expanding and ever evolving, as far as the types of jobs that become available in this particular industry over the course of time. Whether that course of time is five years or fifteen, Information Technology is indeed a technological field, which means that those who work as an IT professional will be dealing with whatever technology is the most cutting-edge and in demand at that point in time. This leaves a lot of room for improvement and means that you will likely need to seek further education, in order to be kept up to date on current technology trends, as your career grows and progresses. IT includes anything in the areas of software development and those in the realm of computer support. Here are just three of the most promising IT jobs to take into consideration for the year 2019.

Cloud Engineer

As a computing engineer for the Cloud, you would be working on developing and maintaining cloud-based technology for the current generation and for generations to come. The Cloud is a relatively new concept and it's one that more professionals, students, business owners, and even casual computer users are starting to get on board with. Certain major companies are making complete shifts in to Cloud based storage options. These individuals will define, maintain, design, and build Cloud solutions themselves. The titles for this Cloud position include Software and Network Engineer, System Administrator for the Cloud, Cloud Consultant, and Cloud Architect.

Database Admin

As an administrator for a company's database, you will be in charge of storing, simplifying, and overall organizing all of the data found within the database for a particular company. This position will require you to have extensive knowledge on security based protocols and there is much room for growth in this position. You can always work diligently on one gigantic database for one specific company or you could spend time working on a handful of databases across multiple companies. It depends on your preference and leaves room for flexibility, depending on this preference of working.

Software and App Developer

While it may come as a surprise to some, software is very much still in high demand. Although, app developer also falls into this category. Nowadays more people are using app based programs, rather than ones on a hard disk. Still, software developers can work for major companies to help support, develop, design, and maintain current projects with large teams.