Think you’re ready for your next interview? Not if you don’t know these three secrets. These three secrets will put you ahead of your competitors. So start applying them in your job hunting and don’t let that perfect opportunity pass!

Secret # 1 Professionalism

You need to remain professional at all times. This applies to dress code and the way you conduct yourself. Do not use slang terms or language that could easily be seen as inappropriate. For example, referring to an interviewer as ‘boss’‘gaffa’‘darling’ etc is not acceptable. In a professional setting these terms are not tolerated. You need to be mature at all times.

Secret # 2 Interviewer Check

Most of the time you don’t know who will interview you. But in some cases a name(s) is mentioned. If you know who the interviewer(s) is, it is a good idea to go online and do a quick check on them. 
LinkedIn would be a good place to start. Check out the interviewer(s) profile, see what interests they have, and then try to relate to them in the interview. 

For example, maybe you both share a passion about cars? Bring it up in your interview (as an interest). People are attracted to those who share similar interests. This practice will go in your favour.

Secret # 3 Who you Know

Years ago, if you had a family or friend working for a particular company, they could get you inside easily by recommending you. In this day and age it is harder as many companies have stricter recruitment policies. But the practice is still common. 
If you know people on the ‘inside’ tell them to put in a good word for you. We have seen people get recruited because of this. The company would be looking to fill positions quickly and if a loyal employee knows someone who can do the job, the recruiters are prone to listen.

So make use of this tactic because it still works. In companies where there are stricter policies, it will not get you an instant job. But the recruiters will look out for your application. They will become biased towards you.

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