The pandemic has had a substantial effect on the overall global economy, along with the UK economy slumping by a record 10% in the year 2020. This has overall disrupted the job market and the entire recruitment industry. So, you must wonder what the impacts are and are they always going to stay here? Therefore, in this article, we will be exploring what influence COVID-19 has had on the recruitment industry. We will also discuss if the changes are long-term or if we will return to the “business as usual.”

Dynamic Hiring

Because of the strict social distancing regulations to be followed, in-person interviews and meetings have been practically impossible and even more challenging. However, at the same time, it is yet boosted because digital innovation has ultimately become more dynamic.

More than 86% of the interviews are being held virtually through different meeting channels, and more than 85% of the organizations around the globe are now using the new technologies for the onboarding process to welcome new employees throughout the pandemic and even after that.

This whole process has accelerated the hire time and reduced the barriers, making recruiters consider the efficiencies of virtual staffing, and there are possibilities that companies might keep following the same procedure in the long term.

Remote Working

Before the whole pandemic, over 68% of the British employees never worked from home; however, when the crisis was over, around 57% of the employees said that they wanted to continue their work from home routine. Since the virus diminishes, some people also suggest that there could be a permanent shift toward a virtual work ethic, not only because employees wish for this but also because of the cost-efficient effects for organisations around the globe.

Better Work Relationship

Well-being in the corporate sector has been a rising trend over the last could of years now; however, its awareness has been boosted only since the global health crises. All the essential restrictions imposed on all of us have actually made us value our relationships and health; at the same time, numerous companies take this as an opportunity to offer different work relationships. Enterprises have also adapted to boost flexible working arrangements, and especially recruiters, in particular, have had to be creative enough to ensure all the new members perfectly settle into their new roles quickly.

Driving Innovation

In order to protect the health of candidates and staff, organisations have had to shift to whole virtual recruitment in the wake of COVID. On the other, for the companies that had already used various recruitment software before the pandemic, this was an easier process.

Remote Talent Hunting

The whole pandemic period has made recruiters not only onboard new joiners remotely and then settle them in the new work environment. At the same time, new positions and seats are being also posted remotely on different channels, whereas candidates also apply online and appear for the virtual initial and final interviews. This has overall reduced the efforts of the HR department because they do not need to welcome each and every employee virtually.

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