Tips to make sure your next hire is the right hire


Even with hiring a recruiting company, background checks, interviews, and the entire hiring process, sometimes your last hire wasn’t the perfect candidate. There are many things you can do to ensure your next hire is the right hire. Here are some best practices on how to hire the perfect candidate.


What is their commitment?

Ensuring that a candidate is fully committed to the position they are being hired for is of utmost importance. A candidate who frequently quits jobs, or only plans on working for a few months is not an ideal worker. Find someone who is fully committed to the job, and dedicated to doing their very best for the company.


Test their skills

Is the candidate up-to-date on the skills required for the position? Ensure to select from a pool of candidates who is fully trained in any skills necessary for the job position, or that they will receive the training on the job. An employee who lacks necessary training is only going to waste the company's time and resources, and is more likely to become disillusioned with their job and quit.


Update your hiring process

Make sure your hiring process is not behind the times. An unnecessarily complicated application process may scare away potential employees. The application process should be easy to understand, and the website easy to navigate. Follow up with candidates once they have completed the application process, and start off on the right foot. Make sure to also create an actual written out process that anyone can come in and understand. This will make sure things are done the same way every time.


Make your position descriptions complete

The position description should be clear and easily understood. Any job requirements should be clearly spelled out. The description should include any and all details that are relevant to the employees' understanding of the job, and there will be no surprises or misunderstandings on the candidates side.


Have candidates take personality tests

Personality tests can be very beneficial to the hiring process. They can help to weed out candidates who would not be suitable to a specific job, or help to determine if the candidate would be more suited to a different position. They are one of your first clues into what kind of person you would be bringing on to your team. This can also help to so you if you are bringing on a new personality type to your team or one that you already have.


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