Changing careers

Changing careers is something that happens to most of us in our lives. There are many different options when you are changing careers to IT. You have to identify the right career path for you while making a plan to get the experience and training that you need to change careers.

You need to be able to market yourself to hiring managers, with specific steps you need to take in order to be able to switch careers. You have to decide what makes you happy in a professional sense?

What Do You Want?

You need to take a personal inventory of what you want out of a job, asking yourself, what do I really want? What kind of career works for me, and my present lifestyle? What job would I like to do for fun if I could do it for free?

You should talk to people already working in IT to help you figure out what technology job suits you. You need to do your research, such as watching Youtube videos about a day at the job you want or subscribing to Webinars that go into detail about IT careers.

Using The Internet

At that point, the Internet is a useful resource. You can try to connect with people who have what you want. In order to create a new job for yourself, you also need proper training in the field you want to get into. You need to copy the steps that people who have the job you want took to get in that position.

A mentor in your field could go a long way to help your career role by joining a professional organization that helps coach you. The organization would teach you what is needed to function in your role. A mentor could help you network with the right people.

Setting the Right Goals

They can also help you set the right goals while you try to get the skills necessary for the job you want. You need to do research as to the training that you will need.

You need to compare the training options that there are such as or other websites that have training classes like Coursera or Alison. You need a COMPTIA++ certification to get anywhere near specific tech jobs you want, there is a job out there.