Keep your Employees engaged

In today's world, many employees have been surveyed and are saying they are bored at work or feel disconnected from the business. There are always new elaborate ways to get your employees focused on the work task and be happy in their workplace. Here are a few ways to make sure you do not lose future employees because losing an employee is very costly for a business. There are three main areas of focus to help ensure your employees will stay for a long time and have a happy life. The energy will translate to the work zone.

Set the Atmosphere

By setting the mood in the workplace. This will give you an idea of what type of employees would strive well in this environment. The environment is dependent on the manager and owner. Whether you want a strict or laid back atmosphere. This also requires finding the best employees that will fit in your business atmosphere. Also choosing new employees who will work well with the rest of the group. It is important that the future employee understands what the work atmosphere will be like to ensure they will enjoy working there.

Do not Punish Greatness

When you have an employee who is doing everything excellence and winning the company money. This employee can be overlooked at times and forgotten about because of the focus on the employees who are struggling. Assure that the star employees know that their efforts are greatly appreciated. When all of the attention is focused on the employees of are still learning it will make the star employee feel that services are being overlooked. Offer quarterly gift cards to the employee who is striving the most in that quarter.

Offer Good Pay

Lastly most businesses overlook paying their employees well but they don't look at the cost of losing an employee can range from 30-50%. Also, employees know that when they switch jobs they can generally gain around 10% which makes changing jobs like a good idea. Therefore always make sure your employees are happy with the amount of money they are making for the services. Offer mid-year raises to the top 5 employees. A small raise of 30-50 cents will be noticed and greatly appreciated. By doing this it will keep your employees wanting to know more about the business and how to generate more profit.