Is It Time To Change Careers?


You might be going to work every single day and doing your job correctly but you may be miserable. Just showing up to work is making you physically sick and you do not enjoy what you are doing anymore. Perhaps you are employed at a company where there is little to no room for advancement? Are you working for a company in a field that is not related to your degree? If you settled for a job to simply pay the bills and you do not feel happy with the work you are doing then it is time to change careers. Deciding to make the switch is only the first step in the process. Now you need to know how to execute the plan. 

Update Your Resume

If your resume is out of date you will need to update it prior to applying for a new job. If you are not sure how to update the resume properly you still have options. There are resume writing professionals that you can hire. These people make a career out of writing the most visually stimulating and readable resumes. If you do not have the funds available to hire a resume professional you can take a quick refresher class on resume building skills. Often libraries, park district facilities, and local colleges will offer a one-day refresher course. You can also take a resume writing skill course online. 

Begin the Search

Once your resume is updated you can upload it to job searching websites. You will be able to establish a free account and instantly send your resume for consideration for jobs that are currently posted. You can also use a temp agency if you need to make a fast switch. The perk to a temp agency is you will have immediate placement and get a feel for the type of environment you want to work in. Many placement professionals will also give you quick tips on the interview process. If you have not interviewed in a long time this process experience will be highly beneficial for you. It is always best to take the free professional information that will help you get to your desired job. 

Nail the Interview

Once you have gone over the potential questions that could be asked during an interview you will need to think outside of the box. Often the interviewer will ask questions that may leave you thinking about yourself and your goals; not just company related questions. Be prepared and feel confident in yourself. If you leave an interview feeling like you did your best that will give you the confidence to continually interview until you land the job that you want.