How to write a CV that makes you shine

There is an art to writing your CV. It is much more than just simple listing your experience and education. Potential employers want to see your accomplishments. They use your CV as a way of getting to know you. This is your potential first impression for a recruiter to get to know you. Here are CV writing tips that will get you an interview.


Show why you are different

There are many web designers out there. Why should a company hire you to handle all their web design needs over another? This is where your CV can help. Add an introduction paragraph that explains in a few sentences why you are different from the rest. What sets you apart? What is your own unique selling point that a company can add to their strengths?


Make it visually appealing

This is a delicate balance. You want your resume to stand out and be seen. But you also don’t it to be so busy that no one can understand what is on the page. So, use simple fonts and colors that reflect you as a person and your experience. Feel free to use graphics and charts if appropriate. Again, this is another chance for you to show what makes you different from the other candidates. There are lots of CV templates online that can also help you with this if design is not your strong suit. You do want to keep your CV to no more than 2 pages of information. You can also change your CV depending on the position you are applying for if necessary.


Make sure it has the correct information

What could be worse than having a perfect CV and an employer that calls for an interview, only to find out that your contact information is incorrect. Or a CV with spelling mistakes. There is nothing worse than a CV with grammar errors all over it. Before you send your CV, take a quick look over it. Make sure it has the most up to date information including contact information, intro paragraph, work experience, education, achievements, and any other information that would be relevant for the position. You can also include references and recommendations if appropriate.


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