Everything you need to know about hiring and cyber security


You have most likely been hearing a lot in the media recently regarding cyber security and information technology in regard to privacy. In May 2018, the new GDPR regulations will go into effect as well. Here we have put together a few things you will need to know about cyber security.


What is cyber security?

Cyber security is all the technology you use to protect the data you have stored on your business. This includes client information, employee information, personal data, and company data. This is all information that cyber criminals look for.


How does cyber security affect recruiting?

Many large companies have recently been victim to cyber threats and attacks. If you have potential employees applying for positions on your website or server, make sure that information is protected and will not create any sort of account for them that they can use to hack into your server.

If you are hiring for positions, there is a possibility of someone applying for a position with the sole intention of hacking your system. This is where hiring a recruiting company can be of great use. They will prescreen all applicants and make sure that they are truly interested in the position and not only looking to gain access to your servers.


15 Best practices for cyber security

  1. Make sure all employees and potential employees are required to use strong passwords.
  2. Have your IT team ensure all of your firewalls and security systems on a regular basis.
  3. You may want to hire someone who is dedicated only to ensuring your systems are safe from hackers.
  4. Make sure no employees are going to unsafe websites on your network.
  5. Perform regular system backups.
  6. Keep information stored offline to ensure its protection.
  7. Perform all software updates immediately.
  8. Make sure to stay up to date on the latest information regarding privacy and information security.
  9. Do not open suspicious emails and ensure they are not opened by employees on your server.
  10. Make sure security measures are in place when computers and other technology are not being attended to such as at night or on the weekends.
  11. Install antivirus software on all computers and systems.
  12. Use a firewall and make sure you are GDPR compliant.
  13. Monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.
  14. Be cautious of social media sites and sharing.
  15. Only allow known usb devices to be used on your servers.


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