How Do You Review Your Newest Employees After Hiring Them?


Reviewing your employees after their hire makes it easier for you to improve the business, help them grow, and allow them to take on new responsibilities. The employees that you have must be aware of the system you use, and they must not be taken by surprise. It is important even during the interview process to inform them of when and how their reviews will take place.


What Reviews Should You Give?

The reviews you give your employees must help to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They must have reviews on an annual or semi-annual basis, and they must be reviewed on what they are good at. In the beginning, it is even good to do monthly and quarterly reviews including assessment tests. This will also give you a baseline to show how working for your company has helped them grow professionally.


What do the performance reviews do?

The reviews lead to your employees being placed in jobs that they can do faithfully. There are many jobs that you might move people to, and you should ask them if they have preferences. This is the perfect time to get your employees in the right places for their own benefit. You may have hired them for one position but after reviewing their progress find that they would be better suited in another department for even greater growth for both your employee and the company.


How Do You Listen To Your Employees?

You must let your employees ask you questions. They will show you what you need to know about their abilities, and they will reflect on the results of the review when speaking to you. You might have an idea what would be good for them, and you must allow employees to show you what they can do. Their questions can also show that you encourage and appreciate their input.


Consistent Performance Reviews

You should give new reviews at least once a year. You can have the reviews done after the employees have worked in a new job for a while. They might tell you that they want to have a new job or love the one they have found. Reviewing your employees after they have been hired is just one way of changing how your business is organized. Your organization becomes more efficient, and your employees become happier.


Recommended Schedule

  • 30 days post hire review
  • 90 days post hire review
  • 6 month performance review
  • Annual performance reviews done on anniversary of hire date.
  • Additional reviews as required by position demands

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