Three tips you need to know before you go on your next interview

As you begin your process of finding your next career move, you will most likely need to complete some form of interview. This is true if you are a seasoned professional or a college graduate. However, the interview process is not quite what it used to be. There are a few things you should know about the interview process in 2018.


Make a good first impression

First impressions are so important. They set the tone for everything to follow. Not only can they effect if you get the position, but they can also determine what kind of offer you might receive. The difference here is your first impression doesn’t just happen on the interview. Most likely, the company has done some research on you and seen your public social media profiles, websites, and any other information that is available online about you. Do a quick search on yourself and see what your online first impression will be for potential employers.


Research the company prior to your interview

Guess what, the company has been researching you since you applied for the position. And thanks to search engines and social media, it’s a much easier process then it used to be. So, before you go on your interview, do some research. Find out a bit about the company. Use your findings to answer their interview questions and impress them with the fact that you took the time to learn a bit about them.


Keep up your LinkedIn profile

Did you know that LinkedIn is no longer just an online resume? Thanks to the new features on LinkedIn, you can sell yourself right there online without having to do any additional work. Make sure your profile is complete as possible. Request recommendations from others and make sure they are recent. Share articles and posts to help give potential employers an idea of interests. Of course, you will want to keep everything professional.


Build a Relationship

Today, the best candidates are being selected on more than just their experience or skills. They are being selected also on their culture. Will they be a good fit to the rest of the team? Will they bring new ideas and new perspectives to the table? How will they be adding value beyond their job requirements? That is why it is so important today to begin building a working relationship with potential employers right from the start.


Find the Right Position Online

Today, there is no circling ads in the newspaper. You can find everything you need with a simple Google search. However, you should be cautious about selecting the right site to find the perfect position for you.

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