Flexible working environments

Flexible working is a relatively new idea in the workplace. Basically, the idea being that if you give an employee a more flexible day and flexible working environment they will be happier and burnout will be reduced. A great way to see if this type of working environment would work for your business is to try a trial of a flexible working environment. Setting a time period that you would try the flexible working environment to see if the work can still get done on time and the employees are happier. How do you trial a flexible working environment?

Set a Time Period

The best way to ensure that the employees do not accidentally think that the flexible environment is long term is to set a time period. You want this time period to be short enough that a transfer back to a less flexible environment isn’t a total shock, but long enough for people to get in a good routine in the new environment. Set a date so everyone knows when there will be another meeting to discuss where the company wants to go after the flexible environment setting is well tested.


One cause of burnout is that employees don’t feel like they have a say. Often times there is a feeling that employers don’t care about anything except the bottom line. However, that is often not true. But the employer does have more facts on the bottom line and can help apply it to the situation. So in the beginning and ending meeting of the flexible working environment trial period be sure that you are listening and applying what the employees are saying. This can help ensure that they feel more in control and less burnt out.

Try One at a Time

Maybe you have an employee with some other factors in life that they need a flexible working environment. Set up an application so that everything is in writing and everyone is understanding of everything expected. Start with one employee and see how flexible work hours works. Then go from there. This will give you a chance to see if a more flexible work environment could even work for your business. Another great thing is that it transitions the whole company slowly so that there isn’t a major shock to the employees. Try a flexible working environment for your business.