What is the Gallup Strength Test

One of the hardest parts of owning a business is finding workers. For most business owners, this is what decides if they are successful or not. A great worker can multiply income tenfold. A bad work it could destroy your business by making horrible decisions. Therefore, it is essential to find great ways to evaluate and hire people. One such way is the Gallup strength test. This test is a 177 sentence pairing that takes about an hour.

How the Gallup Strenght Test Works

The test is able to evaluate what the strengths and weaknesses of a potential employee are. It does this by asking a series of questions that are then used to see how the person would react in various situations. It makes it a lot easier to figure out how they would react to certain things and show which skills they have. After taking the test the person is shown what their top five strengths are and this way enables them to truly have a good understanding of what they need in order to be successful in the workplace. There are many factors to what a smart person will do to get this test right.

What You Should Do

The best part of this test is it shows what skills the person has. You are then able to take these skills and decide if they are relevant to your business. It is a great way of weeding out potentially bad workers that you would not have caught otherwise. It also gauges their intellectual capabilities and this is important if your job requires a lot of thinking. You wouldn't want to hire someone that was not cool and calm under pressure and could do the job well no matter what situation they were put in. It also tests how well they can focus and this is important if the job requires many hours of sitting at a desk doing knowledge work.

Passing This Test

This test is not about passing or failing. It simply reveals what the main strengths and weaknesses of the person taking the test are. This simple evaluation allows the employee to make a good decision. Nothing in life is foolproof, but this is a great way of making sure your decision is correct. It improves your odds of choosing a great worker and makes the process as simple as filling out a one-hour questionnaire.