What Makes a Good Boss?

Did you know that the average American will spend about 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime? When you stop and think that it is a lot of hours. Another survey conducted in 2014 had results that said the average American spent about 8.8 hours a day at work. When you are spending this much time at work it’s important that you are working for a good boss. The boss that you have at work will play a huge role in your success at the company and how long you work there. If you have a boss that you don’t get along with, then your career at that company will more than likely be short-lived. However, if you have a good boss and one that wants to see you succeed, then you will probably be able to move up the ladder quickly and stay at the company longer. So, that leaves us with the question “What makes a good boss?”


A boss that understands is very important. They not only need to understand that you need work and life balance but they need to understand that sometimes life just happens and it will interfere with work. A boss that understands that you will occasionally be late to work because there was a wreck is a good boss. Someone who understands that you will need time off to take your kids to the doctor is also a good boss.

A Good Teacher

You want a boss that will take the time to teach you what they know and have learned over the years. It’s hard to work for someone that criticizes you all day about how you perform on the job but they won’t take time to show you how to correct it. A boss with a college degree doesn’t necessarily make them smart and qualified to teach you. When you find a boss that is not only book smart but has years of first-hand experience and is willing to teach you what they know, then you will want to hang on to that boss and learn as much as you can.

Fun Spirited

Since you will be spending about one third of your life at work and around your boss you will probably want them to be a fun and easy going person. Someone who knows how to take a joke and doesn’t take water cooler talk too seriously.