How Have Things Changed In Hiring Over The Past 20 Years?


Twenty years ago, people looked for jobs a bit differently than how they do today. Today thanks to online search engines, LinkedIn, and social networking, job searches have become much more expansive. However, there was a much simpler process 20 years ago.


What it was like to find a job 20 years ago

Twenty years ago, if you wanted a new job, there was only one thing to do. Go out and grab the local newspaper. You would also need a pen, preferable red so it was easy to see and possible a highlighter if you wanted to be efficient. You would need search through the many different ads and categories and opening to circle the ones that were of the most interest to you. Then you would be able to determine which ones were worth calling and which ones you would call only if the others turned out to be no good. You would also need to print out your resume and bring it with you on the job interview. Most likely, there would be an application to fill out as well.


What it was like to hire someone 20 years ago

Twenty years ago, human resource departments around the world received faxes and mails on a daily basis with resumes and cover letters of those applying for their open positions. It was their job to organize all the paper in the office and determine which resumes would make it to the next stages of interviews and which would go in the hold file. Today this process is for the most part done electronically and even in some cases through the companies website.

The interview process was a bit different as well. You would need to call and schedule interviews on the phone and at the time of the appointment there would be an application to fill out for each applicant in addition to receiving their resume. Interview notes would generally be written on the bottom or back of that application.

In addition, ads were not placed online. The online community was quite small back then and would not guarantee a higher number of applicants as it does today. Instead, ads were placed in the classifieds of local newspapers or in some cases in specialized journals.


How technology has changed hiring in the past 20 years

There are many jobs today that do not exist because of technology. Blockbuster and Radioshack are two prime examples of that. In addition, finding a job has become much more competitive. No longer are you competing with your local talent but talent from all over the world. However, for companies, this means they are able to find the absolutely best of what they are looking for their next position.

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