There are some employees that stand out more than others. They dedicate years of service to your business or brand. What can you do to show how much you appreciate their contribution to your business? 

There are quite a few things you can do to boost employee morale that includes showing appreciation for a job well done. Often times, the responsibility of honoring your employees is left up to Human Resources. You can also delegate employee appreciation to another department or create a small team for this task.  

End Of Year Bonuses 

End of the year bonuses is always a great way to reward employees that have done an exceptional job. Who doesn't need extra money? In fact, the holidays can be a tough time for employees and require a little extra money for seasonal expenses (i.e. Christmas). You can put together a nice card that includes the check to show your employees how much you care. 

The bonus should be about 11 percent of their annual salary. However, there is no set amount that you should give as an end of the year employee appreciation bonus. Although, it should be something the business can afford. 

Employee Recognition Awards 

You can recognize an exceptional employee with an award. There is no specific time to hand out the award. An award is something tangible to give your employee for their dedicated service. You can engrave their name on it and include their years of service. An award is like a plague for their committed service. There are several businesses you can use to purchase an award. More importantly, it's a cost effective way to show your employees how much you appreciate their work contribution. 

A trophy is something that they can also include on their desk to encourage other employees to do well. 

Recognition Ceremonies  

An award ceremony is a great way to get all of your employees and business leaders together to honor a specific employee or group of workers for their employee dedication. 

You can make it an office party or host your event at a hotel to add ambiance. A hotel awards ceremony may cost a little more, but they will handle all of the preparation and cleanup. You can also pass out invitations to announce who you're giving the award to for their dedication of service. Decide on a ceremonial event that provides a neutral location for all of your employees.  

Award your employees to show their service is valued. When you're employees are satisfied work productivity rises. It's always important to let your employees know you value their contributions to your business or brand. 

There are other ways you can express your gratitude including time off, a letter of recognition, and a gift basket. Employers should always celebrate milestones with their employees. Your work crew can perform better as a team when they know their efforts will be rewarded. 

Your success is as good as company morale. Go online and learn more about employee appreciation incentives today.