The holiday office party has been a staple of the holiday season for many decades. And it doesn't show any sign of going away anytime soon. Believe it or not, these parties can be a lot of fun. They offer workers a wonderful opportunity to mix and mingle with those, they may not have a chance to see very often. 

Instead of finding ways to avoid the holiday party, make it a point to have fun and appreciate it, for what it is. Read on for some helpful information.

Why is the office holiday party important?

In addition to the party being a way for upper management and company owners to show appreciation, it's also a chance to get to know co-workers who you don't often interact with. The holiday party is always designed to boost morale.

While most will not admit to this, the party is also a way to see how everyone fits in with the company. The night is a night of fun, but everyone will have eyes on them to see how they do.

How should I behave at the office holiday party?

Parties are a time to let your guard down and have fun, but don't let your guard down too much. Behave in a friendly manner. Greet co-workers and higher ups. 

This is a way to be friendly, and also a way to ensure that bosses know that you took the time to show up.

Avoid drinking too much. These parties are known for the flowing drinks, but moderation is the key. You never want to get drunk at the office holiday party. 

You don't want to be the topic of conversation around the water cooler the next work day. At the office party, water, and soft drinks can be your friend. That's not to say that you can't have a cocktail, just limit them and add non-alcoholic drinks, between cocktails.

Be respectful. Avoid being loud and obnoxious. It's fine to be more casual than when you're at the office, but make sure it's business casual. You're not hanging out with a group of friends, keep that in mind.

Why should I attend the office holiday party?

Attending the office party shows that you are part of the team. The bosses could look at this in a negative way. You could also be missing out on some amazing networking opportunities if you don't attend.

Go to the office holiday party and have a good time. Speak to bosses and co-workers, remain friendly, and respectful. Avoid drinking too much, and you should be fine.