Ways To Use Instagram To Find your Next Job 

One of the fastest and most popular ways used to find that next job prospect. It's simple and easy to do with just a little guidance. So here we go!

Using Instagram As A Job Source.

Instagram is one of the leading if not the leading social media platform in the world during this day and age. You can almost find anything just by using something called a #(hashtag). You can find things in common with people across the globe as well as your next employment opportunity.

How to create an Instagram account

In order to create an instagram account you will first need an email. The is an easy first step because almost everyone has one. If you do not, you can simply create one using the 3 largest email providers such as gmail, yahoomail, or Hotmail. Thereafter you go to Instagram and create a username and password and link that you your email account. After you have done that, in order to make your account real an relevant, it is important that you add a picture of yourself or of something important to you as your avatar or thumbnail. This will give your profile authenticity, because no company is going to respond to a profile whom they think is a fake person, or a bot. Soon after upload a couple of pictures of literally anything you may be interested in. Maybe a few pictures of friends and family and maybe some vacations photos and possibly some hobbies. Try to add at least 10 photos. While you are doing that it would be a huge plus to go and like and also comment on some of your friends post and have them comment and like your post as well. Also do not be afraid to comment and like the post of strangers if you see things that interest you.. From there your profile will receive the stamp of approval when a company is wondering is this a real active instagram user!

How TO Find Companies You'd Like To Work With!

As mentioned in the first paragraph the best way to find companies to hire you is through the use of Hashtags. Hashtagging is the number one way to track down valuable content that you are interested in. On instagram there is a magnifying glass shaped symbol that you click on. Once you click on that you look on top where it says search, and type in the hashtag for the type of content you'd tike to search. Let's just say I want to become an amazom influencer, so what I would do is #hashtag #amazoninfluencer and comment on their post with an inquiry about how to join the company or direct message them if the option is available.