Business people are successful and busy. They consider their time to be valuable. Thus, when a person has agreed to mentor you, you need to realize this privilege and honor. Give respect to the time of the mentor by doing the following:

  • Come prepared. Before you go out and meet with your mentor, be careful in planning the questions and topics that you want to address. This must be done for you to have a focused meeting.
  • Ask for suggestions in moderation. Reaching out too much signals a needy, high-maintenance and overall work for your mentor. In general, reach out only for advice on career decisions-not little challenges
  • Be a Good Listener. Mentors are dispensing advice. You may sometimes take the advice and you may not. In either way, you have to listen and consider the advice. Then, you need to explain if you have to choose taking the alternative route.
  • Share your Development. Your mentor is gratified in your progress as a protégé or mentee. Thus, you need to make sure that your mentor learns about your career wins. These wins are the indirect or direct result of advice from your mentor. Show Your Gratitude Due to the reason that your mentor is taking all his time out of his or her busy schedule, you have to show your appreciation. Thank your mentor frequently. Verbal thanks are enough, however, make an effort to send small gifts or cards.

Once your career has progressed and you have met a lot of people, you may even introduce your own mentor to other business contacts or other mentors. Business professionals are always finding value in meeting same- minded people like them.

Ultimately, you may even reach a point in your career that someone has a need of your mentorship. If you think that the person is a worthy mentee, agree to mentor her or him. Then, pass all of the lessons you learn from your mentor.