MMDI Personality Test Career Help

Every career has a different impact on each person within the workforce. Sometimes, it is hard to find the right one for each person. This is due to one individual's personality being vastly different from another. An MMDI personality test can vastly improve someone's chances of finding the right career for them.

MMDI Personality Test Meaning

MMDI is short for "Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator." This is a personality-based test designed to determine the enjoyment of a person and career development.

The test is to self-evaluate an individual's traits on a mental level. An MMDI is meant to simply map out a person's traits within a small diagram of conjoined letters. These conjoined letters represent the different types of individual traits.

MMDI is a personality test that was originally based on Myers Briggs theory on personality. Which leads to helping others find out who they truly are.

Myers Briggs Personality Theory

Isabel Myers Briggs and her daughter, Katherine Briggs, developed the personality theory. The theory explains the main differences between people. They believed each individual's personality could be set into main categories.

These clarifications were then used to supplement self-awareness. This allowed an individual to better understand who they truly are and help them work better on themselves.

Myers Briggs Personality Theory has been used to help people choose a career, improve relationships and improve leadership skills.

What can an MMDI Personality Test be used for?

During the changes of industry and career growth, personality tests are often used to help on ideal careers. That's what an MMDI Personality test comes in. The different main categories within this self-reporting test help counselors and career consultants with suggesting the best career for an individual.

An MMDI Personality test indicates four different strengths. These strengths are often set in pairs for a level of personality. These pairs are as followed:

  • Extraversion and introversion
  • Sensing and intuition
  • Thinking and feeling
  • Judgement and perception

This is also to help a person to take control of their future. Mainly due to being able to help an individual to determine what career suits them best. If they don't find set career option compatible for them, it also gives a starting guide to improve on for their ideal career choice.