Keep your eye out for these new technologies that you will be using very soon!

Technology seems to be growing faster than we can imagine these days. About every 6 months there are new processes and systems we can use to automate, grow, and optimize everything. This year is no different. Here are some technologies you should think about using this year.


Artificial Intelligence

First, let’s talk about what is artificial intelligence. Chances are you are already using it. Artificial intelligence is where computers are “thinking” for themselves based on pre-programmed parameters. Some examples in your everyday life would be facial recognition, message chat bots, video recommendations, and driver support in your car such as auto park. As this technology continues to grow, its applications are limitless.



If you haven’t been to a wedding where a drone was used, you probably haven’t been to a wedding in a while. Drones are everywhere. Kids are getting them as holiday presents for fun. Amazon and Google are starting to use them to deliver your orders. They are even being used in the construction industry to check for safety. Drones are helping to make life safer and more fun every day.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is being used for more than just video games. Organizations are using this technology to see building before they have been built. They are simulating flights for pilots and helping them to learn how to handle any situation.


3D Printing

This technology is changing the face of medicine. We are not far from the days where doctors will be able to 3D print hearts and organs for those who need transplants. This technology is already being used to help in manufacturing such as hearing aids, dental braces, product testing, and more. While this technology is still very much in the beginning stages, it will have a huge impact on every industry in the future.


Using These Technologies

While your business may not revolve around 3D printing hearts, there are many different ways these types of technologies will grow and become a useful tool in your organization. This may even require you to hire additional help for these technologies or create a new sector for you to work in.


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