3 Ways To Create A Portfolio That Will Wow At Your Next Interview

One of the most important parts of acing an interview and landing a job you want is having an amazing portfolio. This isn't surprising since most employers want to see examples of your past work in order to gauge your aptitude. Basically, if you can show them that you're great at whatever it is you're applying for, you stand a much better chance of getting hired. Of course, the quality of your portfolio is a big deal here, and having one that just doesn't impress isn't going to do you any favors. Let's take a look at three ways you can create an awesome portfolio that will help you at your next interview.

1. Using Mock Ups

Sometimes you may run into a chicken and the egg problem, that is to say, not having what you need in your portfolio because you haven't actually been hired for that kind of work yet. The good news is that you can easily get around this problem with mockups in many cases. A mock-up is when you create something applicable to the job you're applying for specifically for the intention of showing your capabilities. For example, creating your own graphic designs even if they weren't actually commissioned by an employer would be a mock-up. This is a great strategy, and having a mix of actual work, and mock-ups can be a good way to showcase your talent and abilities.

2. Get Feed Back

Knowing what should go in your portfolio can be tough because you may have different ideas on what your best work is compared to your actual employers. Make sure that you're always getting feedback on your portfolio from people who have actually hired you in the past, or have considered hiring you. A portfolio is all about wowing potential employers, not stroking your own ego, after all, so put stuff in it that they are going to love, not necessarily what you think is your favorite work.

3. Hire The Pros

Did you know that there are actual services out there that can help you put together a great portfolio? If you're really having trouble getting a good portfolio together, or maybe a potential employer told you that your portfolio was terrible, then you may want to hire a professional to help you out. With their level of expertise and experience, they can help you put together a powerful portfolio that will help you land the job you're looking for.