Considering a Career Change
Deciding to change careers or leave your current feels completely is never an easy decision. There are so many things to consider: payscale, going into the unknown, job hunting and going to interviews, etc... 

How to know when it's time for a career change 

There are many things to take into consideration when contemplating a possible career change, evaluate your overall job satisfaction. This your pay scale, responsibilities, hours put into your job outside of your normal working hours. this can also include the overall culture of the company you're working for including how you get along with other co-workers. Now that you have spent time looking outward it is time to look inward. evaluate what current skills that you have that you would be able to lend to a new career. Are their skills that you desire to have that you would need to learn? If this is the case are you willing to gain the necessary training in order to better your job prospects? if so how would you go about doing this? Are you able to acquire these skills individually on your own time or would it require going back to school? There are many career opportunities that may not require going back to school, you should do the research necessary to ensure that you make the right decision for you. 

First steps for a career change 

Evaluate what field you would like to work in. are you trying to work in another company or are you trying to become an entrepreneur? If Your desire to become an entrepreneur then there may be a period of time when you're not getting paid while you're developing your Business or product. Make sure that you have some money put away so you are able to merge the length of time between Your last paycheck and your first payment from your new business. One of the easier transitions to make is to take on a new role in the same industry. For example, if you're currently an elementary school teacher, you may be able to easily position into a different role in the school system. maybe you're becoming burnt out over dealing with 25 students on your own, but you would be able to prosper in a new role such as a reading Specialist or an in-school tutor dealing with smaller groups of children at a time. 

How you can get help when changing careers 

If you're looking to go into a new industry altogether You can try to find volunteer opportunities in the new field to make sure that it's a good fit before totally committing. Once you do decide to commit one way to ensure success is to approach it with an open mind. since everyone is an active participant and their current reality, you may have already identified the reasons that you were unhappy in your previous company or position. Discuss your idea to change careers with your close friends or coworkers from previous jobs to see if they can help. A lot of times it is not what you know, but who you know. If something does come up that you think needs corrected you can kindly approach your human resource department or your supervisor manager and voice your concerns. Many companies offer a suggestion box for those that want to remain anonymous. make sure that you understand your roles and responsibilities in your current job title and read your employee handbook thoroughly. Best of luck in all you do, you got this!