How to use social media to recruit and be recruited

Online recruiting has been around for years now. But did you know that social media is being used more and more for recruiting. This has major advantages for both employees and employers.


How to use social media to recruit the perfect applicants

There are several different ways to use social media for recruiting. First, is by participating in discussions. Social media is meant to be social. Which means you can interact with potential candidates even before they know of the position. By engaging in group discussion on LinkedIn for example or following certain hashtags, you can learn about potential candidates before they even know they are being considered.

You can also use social media to promote your company culture. There is a reason fashion designers want to train at Dolce & Gabbana. They know the company and their style even before they apply for the position. This means you can use social media to give potential employees and idea of what it is like to work with you before they have even considered looking for a position.

Take advantage of some of the unknown social media networks. GitHub for example is a great place to find coders and developers. Marketers are commenting on Moz. Quora is a perfect place to find people answering questions to others about your industry. This means you can see real live examples of a potential new hires knowledge and experience before you contact them.


How to use social media to be recruited

If you are using social media to find your perfect position, keep in mind all of the above. Be careful with your comments on forums and discussions. Treat them like you are answering interview questions. Research companies to learn more about their culture. And answer questions on Quora to show your incredible knowledge in your field.

Make sure to set up social media accounts for some of the smaller niche sites as well. Complete your profiles as if you were completing a potential position application or treat it as your CV. Add any relevant information including awards, achievements, recommendations, etc.

Be active on those channels as well. If you are using LinkedIn, make sure your profile looks attractive. You can even hire someone to help you make your profile perfect for your industry. Ask for recommendations for those you have worked with. Recommend others as well. You can also congratulate people and comment on their status to begin engaging interactions.


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