In the search for new talent, every employer prefers to hire the perfect candidate. Of course, no one on earth is perfect; however, it is important that your new employee is very informed about your company and his or her job description. Here are some indicators to detect when you've met the right candidate!


Intelligent Questions

Any prospective employee who is interested in both the job and the company, would have done extensive research before coming to the interview; hence, they should have a few questions to ask during the interview. If the candidate speaks about recent company news or expansions during the interview, then he or she may be the perfect candidate. Also see if the candidate has any questions for you not only about the position and company but current events in the field as well.


They Understand The Role

Proper preparation for the interview shows that the future employee is most likely competent to perform the job successfully. The candidate should come to the interview prepared to explain how their skills will help them complete the specified job that they applied for. As the employer, you should not have to over explain their possible roles within the company. Instead, they should already have a good understanding of their next possible career. Ask them technical questions about the position requirements to test their knowledge of the different systems they will be working with.


Resume is Custom for The Job

In today's world, most job applications allow you to apply with just one click. If the candidate's resume is not custom to your company's needs, it’s possible that they did not take the time to read the job description. However, if the candidate's resume and cover letter is tailored to the company's specific needs, then you have found a high-quality candidate.


Appearance & Attitude

Appearance and attitude is very important for job seekers. Job seekers should come to interviews very neat and clean. Also, they should have positive attitudes! Ask them questions about how they handle stress in the workplace or what they would do for conflict resolution. This will tell you a lot about how they keep a positive attitude.


Get to know them

Ask them about their personal life, within reason. What hobbies do they have? Where have they travelled? What books are they reading? This will tell you about the type of employee who will be joining your team and how they can easily be integrated into the team culture of the company. In turn, let them get to know you a bit. This will help to have them start to form attachments to the company culture and ways of doing things. This can make it much easier for them on their first day.

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