While many businesses are reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, the tech sector is thriving because people are relying more and more on digital solutions to work, study, and get entertainment. Due to the unprecedented changes in the way people are using digital solutions, tech companies are hiring more employees than ever, creating a boom in the tech sector.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why tech jobs are in high demand right now:

Almost Everything Is Being Digitised- nearly all areas of our lifestyle are being enhanced by digital technologies. Video conferencing, remote education, online banking, and e-commerce are only a few of the digital implementations in our life. Many homes are upgrading their Internet connections and people are buying more digital devices. Many people realise that it’s now possible to remain productive and stay entertained at home.

Maturing 5G Technology- just like 3G, the current 4G LTE connectivity will soon be rendered obsolete by the next generation of mobile connectivity. The 5G infrastructure is being set up in many areas and it will supersede the 4G solutions. When 5G technology is fully deployed, users will have access to high-speed Internet access, allowing them to do many more things.

Big Data And IoT Implementations- broadband Internet access and 5G connectivity have made it possible to implement big data and IoT. A massive amount of raw data will be gathered and analysed to provide meaningful, more actionable, and more accurate information to users. IoT technology assigns a network identifier for each device and appliance at home or at the office. This means, your fridge, smart TV, curtain, CCTV cameras, outdoor lightings, and others will be integrated into the smart home and smart office network.

Telehealth Services Are Taking Off- many people are reluctant to go to the hospital to treat milder health issues because they are concerned about the possible COVID-19 transmissions. As a result, telehealth services are soaring and this requires new software and hardware solutions. Patients need to have health measurement devices at home to track blood sugar levels, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, cholesterol levels, and others. Their doctor will provide a diagnosis and pharmacies will send medicines directly to their homes.

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